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Key Growth Marketing Metrics for Account Based Marketing

In today's competitive landscape, ABM has emerged as the catalyst for establishing enduring connections with high-value accounts and driving revenue upswings. To create successful ABM campaigns, it is crucial to understand the key metrics that demand attention in 2023. These metrics serve not only as benchmarks for measuring success but also pave the way for heightened engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, sustainable expansion.


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Accelerating Pipeline with Personalized ABM

Are your sales reps the only ones who can provide 1-to-1 attention for your prospects? Then your ABM pipeline is going to struggle. Because strategic accounts aren’t won by being big, bold, and beautiful. They’re won by genuinely caring in small, personal, and thoughtful ways.


5 Types of Videos for Demand Generation

Everyone loves video. It’s the go to format for brand advertising and narrative storytelling. But how do social media videos differ from explainer videos? And which drives more impact for your funnel?


Converting Leads to Meetings

Why do some leads convert into sales meetings while others don’t? Is it the quality of your data? Is it the script your BDR team is using? Or is it something else?


"We measure lead velocity and quality very carefully across all our channels. We've consistently expanded our campaigns with Lead2Pipeline because they're reliable, transparent, and flexible.”

- Joe Paone


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