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Key Growth Marketing Metrics for Account Based Marketing

In today's competitive landscape, ABM has emerged as the catalyst for establishing enduring connections with high-value accounts and driving revenue upswings. To create successful ABM campaigns, it is crucial to understand the key metrics that demand attention in 2023. These metrics serve not only as benchmarks for measuring success but also pave the way for heightened engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, sustainable expansion.


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Growth ABM vs Enterprise ABM

Knowing how your Growth ABM framework differs from your Enterprise ABM framework can help you manage, measure, and prioritize the right activities. So you and your team can get better results in each of these areas.


Scaling Security Marketing Across Key Industries

Every company needs protection, especially online. But certain industries have special security needs. Creating unique opportunities for cybersecurity leaders, like Palo Alto Networks, to win key market share.


Building Trust and Credibility with HR Buyers

HR buyers have had a really stressful few years. From managing the shift to Work From Home, to managing layoffs and key strategic hires, they’ve been working overtime. Amid this chaos you’ve got to stand out from the noise, identify their specific pain points, learn about their company, build trust, and set forth a clear plan of success.


"We measure lead velocity and quality very carefully across all our channels. We've consistently expanded our campaigns with Lead2Pipeline because they're reliable, transparent, and flexible.”

- Joe Paone


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