Winning Enterprise Deals with ABM

Winning Enterprise Deals with ABM
October 6, 2023

Dan Cafiero explains how Seagate Technology uses account-based marketing with personalization and data to win key target accounts. Which channels work well? How many buyers are involved? How long does each deal take? Dive deep with Dan to learn how Seagate is accelerating pipeline with its most strategic accounts.

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Dan Cafiero
Seagate Technology

Dan Cafiero is an ABM and content marketing expert who's been recognized as one of the Top 50 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts by TopRank Marketing, and as a 2023 Champion by Demandbase. His experience leading campaigns for global brands provides a unique perspective on how effective marketing accelerates enterprise deals. At Seagate Technology, Dan helped build the martech stack and messaging framework for their ABM sales enablement. Prior to Seagate, Dan managed campaigns for Citrix, Dropbox, Intel, LEGO, and many others.