Scaling Security Marketing Across Key Industries

Scaling Security Marketing Across Key Industries
May 18, 2023

Every company needs protection, especially online. But certain industries have special security needs. Creating unique opportunities for cybersecurity leaders, like Palo Alto Networks, to win key market share. Join Alex Yakubov, Portfolio Marketing Director for the Americas at Palo Alto Networks, as she explains how her demand gen programs align with the industry-specific needs of her customers. Alex’s team optimizes performance across all channels to win and retain key customers in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

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Alex Yakubov
Palo Alto Networks

Alex Yakubov is an expert security marketer who specializes in demand generation. With a firm background in demand gen sales, Alex has held key marketing roles at Intel, Quantcast, and Yubico. At Palo Alto Networks, she drives pipeline growth across North America. In addition to her day job, Alex advises startups on demand generation to help them grow faster with efficient funding.