Modern Marketers Need Modern Demand Gen Agencies

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Modern Marketers Need Modern Demand Gen Agencies
9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT
June 22, 2022

B2B demand gen has changed dramatically over the past decade, and even more so during the pandemic. What role does your demand gen agency play now for your revenue growth? How can they help your lead gen, content syndication, and ABM efforts? Let's ask the President of Avani Media, Jason Gladu. Given his experience at Ziff Davis, Spiceworks, and now Avani Media, Jason has seen B2B demand gen evolve and grow. And he's happy to share his thoughts on what's coming next.

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Jason Gladu
Avani Media

What does Jason Gladu know about B2B demand gen? Considering he scaled Spiceworks’ lead gen business, ran B2B partnerships at Ziff Davis, and is now President of Avani Media, it’s safe to say he knows a lot about B2B demand gen. In his role at Avani Media, he’s seen the brand-agency relationship evolve for Fortune 100 companies, and watched early stage startups scale incredibly fast. Despite his tremendous success, Jason stays grounded and looks for opportunity to share what he’s learned along the way.