Designing Thought Leadership That Sells

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Designing Thought Leadership That Sells
11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
April 21, 2022

How does your prospect progress from thought-provoking content to considering your solution? And how does your sales team capture this opportunity?

Join Claire Celeste Carnes as she helps you navigate the complex process of designing world-class thought leadership. Claire has built market awareness and interest for the world’s largest tech and healthcare brands, helping them reach elusive decision-makers to build a strong pipeline. 

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Claire Celeste Carnes

What do Providence, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, and Legacy Health have in common? They’ve all seen their reach, awareness, and revenue grown by the marketing brilliance of Claire Celeste Carnes. For over 25 years, Claire has led marketing teams and strategy for key tech and healthcare verticals. She now teaches graduate students at NYU so they can impact the healthcare industry for future generations.