Designing ABM Campaigns for Champion-Driven B2B Sales

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Designing ABM Campaigns for Champion-Driven B2B Sales
11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT
January 12, 2023

In B2B, no one buys alone. Okay, maybe they can start a trial alone. But your pipeline can’t be filled with B2B deals until you empower your buying champions to win over their stakeholders, influencers, and fellow decision-makers. What key facts and stats will their Finance team need to approve the purchase? How will IT validate this in their existing tech stack? Designing ABM campaigns that empower your B2B champions takes focus, data, and a bit of luck. Learn how to do this right with ABM and growth marketing expert, Mason Cosby, Director of Growth at Gravity Global.

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Mason Cosby
Gravity Global

Winning key B2B deals begins with well-informed buyers. Throughout his career, Mason Cosby has been positioning, educating, and nurturing B2B buyers for predictable pipeline growth. Mason is the Director of Growth at Gravity Global, and the host of The Marketing Ladder podcast, where he interviews fellow B2B marketing and sales experts. He’s a sought after B2B marketing expert whose original posts are frequently reshared across LinkedIn.