Building Trust and Credibility with HR Buyers

Building Trust and Credibility with HR Buyers
April 6, 2023

HR buyers have had a really stressful few years. From managing the shift to Work From Home, to managing layoffs and key strategic hires, they’ve been working overtime. Amid this chaos you’ve got to stand out from the noise, identify their specific pain points, learn about their company, build trust, and set forth a clear plan of success. And you’ve got to do this on their timeline. How can HR tech marketers enable this long, arduous courtship for their sales teams? Let’s ask HR tech thought leader and host of the Cascading Leadership podcast, Dr. Jim Kanichirayil.

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Dr. Jim Kanichirayil

Dr. Jim Kanichirayil is a people strategy nerd who loves growth on a personal level, at the team level, and for the entire business. He’s advised numerous startups and is the host for the Cascading Leadership podcast and Talent Strategy 60 LinkedIn live show. As an analytical and communicative activator, he’s combining his expertise on HR tech and revenue acceleration to answer your questions on growth marketing and sales enablement.