Building Demand Gen for an Economic Downturn

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Building Demand Gen for an Economic Downturn
9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT
July 14, 2022

Supply is tight. Earnings are falling short. Morale is low. How do you identify decision-makers when budgets are tight? How do you move deals forward when teams are uncertain? How do you increase sales during an economic downturn? Let's ask Dilara Cossette, Demand Generation Manager at Kudos®, an award-winning employee recognition platform. She’s also the founder of digital marketing agency Focus Image Pro.

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Dilara Cossette

Dilara Cossette is driven. When she sets her mind on a goal, she puts all her energy towards reaching it. She approaches marketing the same way, helping buyers find solutions they love through every channel and non-linear buyer journeys.