Accelerating Pipeline with Personalized ABM

Accelerating Pipeline with Personalized ABM
April 27, 2023

Are your sales reps the only ones who can provide 1-to-1 attention for your prospects? Then your ABM pipeline is going to struggle. Because strategic accounts aren’t won by being big, bold, and beautiful. They’re won by genuinely caring in small, personal, and thoughtful ways. Join global marketing thought leader Amber Bogie for this live Q&A on a topic near and dear to her heart as the Director of Global Demand Generation at Reachdesk. Let’s get personal!

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Amber Bogie

Amber Bogie is an award-winning ABM & ABX Marketing strategist with a list of successful strategy implementations under her belt. She is a thought-leader in the Marketing space and passionate about data driven decisions, tech trends, and bringing your true self to work every day. Over the years she has spoken about her extensive strategy experience and successes at industry events, podcasts, and publications. Amber currently leads the global growth strategy for Reachdesk.