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We were running numerous programs that were specifically targeted at existing customers.

We were getting a high quantity of leads, but they were either notmoving through the funnel, ortaking a really long time to convert.

We started with Lead2Pipeline with a 2-Touch and Call Out program, and within the first quarter, we were getting better quality leads.




Chadia Sparrer

“The leads from Lead2Pipeline
have performed so much better
and moved faster through our
funnel every quarter.

We are getting the right titles
within our target accounts,
who with some nurture, are ready
for a call in less than half the time”.


There are so many reasons
we like working with Lead2Pipeline:

From the fact that the leads are vetted, surveyed and warmer than other leads, making this program constantly outperform others quarter after quarter, to the team itself being one of the best in class.

From their deep understanding of our targets, to their professionalism and their attention to detail and commitment to success. “Lead2Pipeline truly feels like an extension of our team”.

“Lead2Pipeline truly feels like an extension of our team”.